Attack of the "Moobs"

The fall season is here in my part of the world and before the cold weather really gets here, I had to get this post "off my chest."

Around here, we have quite a few of obese guys and thus "moobs" - man boobs.  Excuse my insensitivity here, but "white trash" individuals are alive and well where I live.  Not to be outdone by the white trash girls who put the "belly" in belly shirts men are now putting the "moobs" in t-shirts.

The proliferation of moobs around here led me to question my own girls.  Was HRT truly a better choice over bunches of fast food double bacon cheese burgers, if I wanted breast development? How fair is it for the guy in line ahead of me to have a bigger set of "girls"?

I'm kidding of course about all of this.  The more HRT works it wonders on me, the changes do keep occurring with the girls.  I can't tell you I will be crushing the "D" cup zone anytime soon, but what is happening now is a "filling in" process around the breast.  What I mean is the breast areas running up my chest and inward towards my armpits are really showing a noticeable change.  For a lack of a better term, the girls seem to be gaining weight and becoming more substantial too.

Ironically, even though the first question I get about being on HRT is normally about breast development, right now I'm more interested in how my hips are changing and what I am going to do with all this wild and wonderful hair.

The only time I totally feel the changes to my breasts is in the morning when I wake up.  The girls are an instant reminder of my HRT progress.  Immediately I think wow,  is that really me? How wonderful is it I finally made this seemingly impossible leap in my life.

My next thought is I better thank the powers to be for my chance to do all of this and I do.


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