Cleaning the Condo

High Tech!

Awww-right, birthday has come and gone. Hangover not so gone yet but it's time to take care of some house cleaning in the Cyrsti's Condo mail box.

It's a great time as we are in the middle of some fairly miserable fall monsoon rain activity here in Ohio. I know many of you have it a lot worse such as in the Dakota "Black Hills" which are now the "White Hills" under a foot of snow.

OK kids, comments on the Kinks and Lola video, Shelle : I'll pass too I'm kinky but not the Kinks - and to Pat who commented on the Kinks makeup in the video - didn't a bunch of the Brit invaders wear some makeup back then? (pre David Bowie) We will have to ask Paula but then again we know she already was rocking the mascara!

Regardless of all of all my cynical comments, I liked the Lola tune because of the lusty unapologetic way the Kinks sang it!

On "You Bitch!" : from Marian,
Only someone who was transgender would want to hear that confirmation of a feminine identity!
That is true except I have one genetic girl friend who values that as a compliment too and is sad she wasn't there for my "anointing.".  We all have to remember some girls just have that "swagger"!  She feels I have now earned my place in her corner of the girls sandbox.

Finally, just a great story from a person it's probably good I don't live close to:

"If I ever had my own blog it would likely be called "A friendly and fun loving CD" since I am friendly and like to have a good time regardless of my attire. After the time I sang (screeched) Seger's "Turn the Page" I went back to my bar stool and asked those around me if they knew why I picked that song. Several of the regular guys were clueless but there was a girl couple on the other side of the corner of the bar. One was very pretty and quite petite and feminine.

The other was somewhat butch with a bandanna, jeans, boots and t-shirt. The butch one instantly pinged on the line " it a woman or a man". She then pulled out her phone and showed me a photo of a guy with a shaved head, trimmed beard and mustache and facial stubble and said "That was me". I nearly fell off my bar stool (for the record that would not have been the first time I fell off a bar stool). It turns out that the two girls had known each other in high school back when she was a he. After not seeing each other in over 10 years they met recently applying for a job at the same company...a small world reunion. They had dated in HS and were now dating again. It was all rather romantic if you want my opinion.

We had a great discussion and even involved some of the others as we let folks know that there is a spectrum or range that covers folks like her and other folks like me. A rather memorable evening at the bar. I have been back to that bar several times while dressed but never ran into my two friends of the evening."

I'm relatively sure Pat and I could find some trouble to get into but girl don't upstage me by falling off your bar stool! If you insist on singing ...  we could call in the "Buffalo" Princess Bobbie who can sing if she doesn't choke on her damn cigarette first- like her "Bills" team did against the Browns...really? 

Well, If you would like to line up for your Cyrsti's Condo Sunday Morning Cheap Shot, maybe we can make it a regular feature?  Fun stories are cool too!

Preferably true ones in case the long lost Connie is visits the Condo!

And a quick add from Sally:

OMG. I always had such a crush on Dharma, but I didn't realise until watching this that Greg Aaron from Criminal Minds. Consider my mind blown. :)  
Sally, after Alec Mapa (right) got done with Greg, he probably had a new idea of what a Criminal Mind was like!


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