Thursday, September 26, 2013

We Got Mail!

If this keeps up you all are going to force me into a new Cyrsti's Condo mailbox investment!

Historian Pat passed along "Your parenthetical that "If I knew I would this long I would have taken better care of myself" was a comment from my (her) boyhood idol, Mickey Mantle."

I of course,  disliked anything in pinstripes such as the suit my Mom made me wear to church and especially the pinstripes worn by the Yankee's! Although the "Mickster" got some redemption in the form of his transgender niece Kelly as seen on the left.
To be fair, the 1961 World Series between my Cincinnati Reds and the Yankee's pretty much sealed my idea of the Bronx Bums.  True story, when I lived very close to NYC for almost two years, I watched plenty of Mets games at Shea Stadium but refused to set foot in Yankee Stadium.  No grudges, right?

Then there was the comment agreeing with my praise of the Ernest Hemingway quote "Write Drunk, edit Sober" from bashashhazbaz.. Thanks also for the comment on my picture! Interestingly Liz had a whole different take on the quote, preferring to looking at it as an opportunity to go back in life and rethink decisions at a more rational time. I never got past the drunk/sober dynamic which shows you where my mind was at!

And finally, from across the pond, Paula commented on the Top Ten Restroom post:

"It seems we area bit more liberal about all this in the UK, I now find when I am out and about in drab and am forced to use the "Gents" they are generally pretty nasty"  They generally are here too Paula in comparison to the women's rooms but I'm always fascinated by those want to attach the "pristine" tag to women's rooms.  I always remind everyone of my managerial 30+ years in the restaurant business.  I had tons of experience with women's rooms before I ever used one as a girl!

You may want to follow this link to Paula's blog and read her post "Under the Wing of the Eagle". She covers more of the potty/pub topic from a transgender woman's viewpoint there.

All of you are great for sending in your comments and as I have always said, I wish this blog platform had a better way to work with them. Then again I would have to be smart enough to use it!

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