Monday, September 16, 2013

Fashion Questions

No quiz on this post kids, I have just been working on a few of the questions which go through my pea brain when I'm shopping and thought I would pass them along here in Cyrsti's Condo. I am sure you will have quite a few to add!

1.- The blend: What are other women wearing in the same social situation. (I always dress for them first) Then how will my look resonate with men.  Accentuate the positive, be attractive not trashy.

2.-Incorporation: How do I incorporate all the trends I see into who I am.  Or any of the trends?  Are any "age appropriate"?

3.- Where can I find them? Then:

Can I afford them?

Are they in my size?

4.- The Big Picture (not me this time silly's)! Can I find a certain piece which fits into my current wardrobe seamlessly. Examples would be a classic fall jacket or boots which I can use more than one season.

5. Usability. Obviously I have to plan my closet now on a much higher level.  From going to the grocery to getting coffee and gas, I now have a need for casual wear which on occasion needs to be stepped up to a social situation with friends.

6.- Permanence:  One of the biggest change for me has been realizing my public style is not playing dress up anymore. Dressing up is going out in drag as a guy.

Bonus: Women will notice if you are put together or not on any level. Even if you are wearing a pair of nice jeans, T shirt and minimal make up at the store - someone will notice.  My goal is minimally presenting as an attractive transgender woman as possible.

There you go, just my list you can play with!

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