Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do Something Dammit!

Here's the Email I got in response for standing up in support for transgender homecoming queen Cassidy Campbell:

Cyrsti, Incredible.

" You are among over 2,500 people who have taken action to lift up the transgender homecoming queen, Cassidy Campbell, and stand against bullying. Because of you, we've smashed our goal of sending 2,500 messages of support to Cassidy. Will you forward the email below to five friends who'll stand with us and help reach our new goal of 3,400 messages to Cassidy Campbell?"

 The more of us who stand together now paves the way for more transgender people being voted homecoming queens and kings, student body presidents, and even national elected officials. That's the hope you've given Cassidy and other transgender young people--the hope to dream bigger and be themselves. Here are more messages of hope you've given Cassidy: "You won a great victory. Not only for yourself, but for all of us. You single handedly gave courage to those who needed it (myself included)."

Send the email below to five of your friends to help our effort generate 3,400 supporters. This challenge is minor compared to what Cassidy has faced and if we work together, we can help end bullying in our schools and communities."

Sincerely, Mara Keisling Executive Director National Center for Transgender Equality

Personally, I can't believe how incredibly tough Cassidy's life has been. Deciding first to run for queen and then perhaps being a little naive of how bad the ignorant bigots tirades would be. NOW is the time to silence the haters!

Back when I was in high school (before electricity) I wonder if I would even have had the guts to enter a womanless beauty pageant?  (didn't have one)
This is you closeted peeps chance to make a statement!

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