Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Lost my Keys

Or should I say I lost my keys again.

Momma Karma just beats me up in the key department because of all the time I spent in my life as a guy making fun of women losing their keys. Of course when an object such as a set of keys was dropped into the black hole of many of the purses I saw, it's no wonder the keys never came out. I marveled at the absolute courage of the woman carrying the purse to even stick her hand in there at all.  Haha.

I more than likely don't have to tell you where I'm going with this. When all of the sudden my life on the run moved from a simple billfold to a purse with all of life's needs...I too can't find my damn keys. You organizational freaks don't have to pile on me here.  Rumor has it, I'm not the most organized person -seemingly like a ton of women I have known. So yes I could get it all organized for at least a day or two.

You rational folks don't have to pile on me either. I did upgrade to a bigger key chain but after all, a girl still has to be stylish and not carry a foot long piece of wood with her keys on it.

Plus I do have an excuse to throw in. I'm old dammit!

Oh well, what goes around comes around and often it picks up speed when it does.  I just hope I'm quick enough to grab my keys on the way by!

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