Monday, July 15, 2013

Poy Time

According to TheNation Thailand's former Miss International Queen winner is on her way to establishing a film career in Asia: "Former Miss TU and Miss International Queen Treechada "Poy" Petcharat has been dubbed one of the top transsexual entertainers in Asia, giving her the chance to "go inter" in the big-budget Hong Kong film "The White Storm"." Poy wasn't sure she'd get the role. "Maybe I got it because I have a Chinese ['Ar-muay'] look that suited the character, a mafia chief's daughter," she says. It evidently made no difference that she's transgender. She blended in. "I mingled with hairdressers and makeup artists!" The movie is heading for China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia. Poy isn't sure if it's coming to Thailand, but she would certainly love to attend that premiere. Meanwhile she's landed a modelling job with Japanese magazine Common Sense. "I'll be surrounded by Louis Vuitton products and another set will reflect me as a Thai beauty."

From her pictures, it's easy to see why!

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