Monday, July 8, 2013

First Trans Male Prez?

Well at least in a musical and he is being playing by Chaz Bono. (left)  From the

"Chaz Bono landed his first male role, playing the President of the United States inThirty Minute Musicals: Independence Day, reports People. The role, which is an imitation of the character played by Bill Pullman in the 1996 film Independence Day, is a dream come true for the iconic trans actor who credits playing a male role in high school with opening his eyes to his own gender identity.

 “I started acting in high school. It was the career that I wanted but I stopped because I couldn't really do a good job playing female characters and I didn't know why," Bono told People. “My senior year of high school I got cast as a male character and for the first time I really excelled. But I told myself, ‘This will never happen as a professional so I need to find another career.’”

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