Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hot Fun? In the Summertime?

Here we are. Approaching the middle of my second summer on HRT. How's it working for me? I can easily say "better" if for no other reason than I have an idea of what's coming as we really make our way into the hot steamy "dog days of summer" here in Ohio.

This summer I plan on embracing the heat, not whining about it.  So far so good mainly because we have had a fairly mild summer.  Around here, most of us have been raised to learn to appreciate the good weather because the hammer is always around the corner.

I'm also a better "prepper"  I was able to avoid the sunburn issues of early last year with my own concoctions of lotions and oils. I remembered very quickly sun and I had seen very little of each other over the years. While I certainly didn't want the skin texture of an old saddle, I did prefer not to do my impression of "Ghost Girl".

This year also, a stable flow of meds at least until the fall makes life easier. Last summer I was tossed back on to a minimum HRT dosage while I waited for the VA to come through for me. I learned all too quickly how fast my body can fall back to it's accustomed testosterone. The sleeveless tops I was beginning to finally get used to wearing were becoming even more "iffy" with any sort of returning muscle definition. I certainly will never have thin arms but I prefer not to have the biceps of a baseball player.

One thing is for certain, at my age I should not be wishing anytime away and begin yearning for the cool crisp days of fall. Plus after I absolutely froze in a relatively mild winter around here last year, the idea of summer doesn't seem so bad!

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