Monday, May 6, 2013

Now What?

Certainly I have been addicted to the adrenalin rush of stress most of my life during work and play. Last week in Columbus I found again I still love the rush!  From the hair styling and ear piercing to the Symposium and night life with Liz...  I was exhausted but damn I loved it!

My problem is slowing down and enjoying the moment.  Wasting the "in between" days bothers me but these days  my body just puts the brakes on naturally.  I have to say curling up with the most boring book in the world has been a welcome change. If you must know the book centered on the European Romanov and Hapsburg dynasties before their fall in the early 1900's.  I told you...BORING!  All right! I have a history degree and always loved studying all the drama the Europeans brought on themselves! (I have always felt Europe's drama was more interesting that our own!)

Well maybe the whole time wasn't reading, yard work and moving stuff from point A to B in my house and the nice part was I was able to add a little girl time. I painted my toe nails plus poured gallons of lotion on my skin in preparation for summer fashion.

Even the web seemed to be in slow motion. Usually I can depend on an influx of the transgender stories to pass along here in Cyrsti's Condo but even they sort of went on hiatus.

The fun part is though is anticipating what is around the next corner.
"What goes around, comes around" is one of my favorite slogans and this is one of the times I can't wait for what comes around.  I'm sure it will though...soon enough!

My Monday "peek" tells me this weekend just could be a blast!

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