Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Life in a Bottle

No Silly's!!!!
I know you were thinking a Jaegermeister bottle.

I'm talking about a pill bottle and all the meds I'm taking.  In essence I have become my Dad in the chase to ingest the most legal substances into my body before I die. I used to think Wow! I hope I don't get to that point but guess what? I'm here and about 20 years early. 

Now, I know no one twisted my arm and said Cyrsti you are going to start HRT or we will make you watch back to back Dr. Phil shows into eternity. 

And of course there are the medications for my other problems. Luckily my "Spiro" lowers blood pressure along with my testosterone, so that's cool.

Plus, I have to take my aspirin a day and huge multi vitamins which look as if they could be prescribed for a horse.

Now, my biggest problem is trying to remember if I took what pill when and I know there is another pill to help me with that. My Doc has told me a permanent magic marker is not the way to go.

All is pretty good now. After all I still sitting here writing this and those little blue pills the pharmacist hollered across the store about -were indeed estrogen not Viagra.

So dammit again! I so wanted to be that virile middle aged guy in the dessert stopping to buy a bottle of water to keep his overheated classic car running! The pharmacist screwed up!

OK kids, here you go. I'm using one of the most over used ridiculous terms of all times: "It is what it is.".  Just what the hell is it and why do I have to accept it?

I do have to accept my life in a bottle to get to where I want to go as a transgender woman. The problem is when they tell you not to be in the Jaegermeister bottle with some of these drugs, they mean it. So bottom line "it is what it is" - dammit!

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