Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a Drag at the Pool!

I found this humorous YouTube video for you girls on the Crysti's Condo big screen. Naturally you guys can watch it too but at points in time you all know- as we transition the "swim suit" issue becomes huge. In fact just recently  a transgender girlfriend of mine was stressing trying to get her swimsuit together for an upcoming vacation. I wish I had her "problem" with a body like hers!

Last fall my genetic girlfriend asked me if I wanted to bring along a swimsuit to swim in the hotel pool/hot tub and I balked at the idea.  Truthfully, even though I know how to swim, I have never been a huge fan of the water so a swimsuit has never been a priority even if  I could wear one.

I do think as I look at the HRT changes my body is going through, I can diet my way into a swimsuit sometime in my future. But don't look for me anytime soon on a remake of Baywatch.

Here's the video I mentioned from another person who doesn't have much of a problem in a swimsuit...or does she?

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