Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Every Kid's Dream?

This Saturday the Children's network The Hub is introducing an animated series with a new super-heroine named SheZow  Turns out  that SheZow's alter-ego is actually a 12-year-old boy named Guy.  Guy magically  transforms into a female costumed crime-fighter by uttering the phrase "You Go Girl!" and using a power ring inherited from his dead aunt. 
ShaZam! How I would have loved a ring like that when I was 12! I'm pretty sure I would have "misplaced" the ring when it was time to switch back!

As I was looking at the above pix, I noticed the girl behind SheZow and her raised eyebrow thinking Wow I wish I looked as good in those boots. The kid on the floor? Typical first time reaction from insecure male. Tomorrow, he will be asking to borrow the ring.

Go to the Los Angeles Times  to catch more on this upcoming series and then figure out how to commandeer the television from your kids to watch it.

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