Thursday, May 9, 2013

Divine Drag


 "She was overweight, outrageous, shocking, ferocious, brash, crass, and in-your-face. And she was beautiful.The iconic Divine, branded the drag queen of the century by People magazine, ripped pop culture a new one by challenging—no, assaulting—constipated standards of beauty, sexuality, and basically everything sacred and boring about mainstream American life."

In some ways I consider Divine's memory a simpler time in drag. What you saw was what you got-and more some. I like so many fans found Divine's defiance to be much more compelling than the drag mask he wore. I enjoyed watching a social revolutionary- straight or gay in drag or not.

Time has moved on.  All facets of the transgender and the LGB community are so much more complex now.

People magazine got it right about "Divine" who in all senses is the "Anti Rude Paul".

For more on the Divine life go here.

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