What's in a Name?

Quite a bit once you get yours legally changed.

I actually used one name for years when I was a cross dresser and began using Cyrsti when I began to see more and more people on a regular basis. Stabilizing my name was just the natural move to make.

Many people thought "Cyrsti" (Christi) was a feminized version of my male name-which it never was. I simply came up with it as an after thought to how light is reflected through a crystal and changed the spelling. Amazingly the name stuck faster than I ever thought possible, especially with all the on line blogging and writing I do. In some senses I have a pen name-without a pen!

When I came out to my daughter, we worked hard on a name for the grand-kids to call me and ended up with my maternal grandfathers name, Jessie. I then took my Mom's name and came up with an easy abbreviation for the kids - JJ.  From then on it was fairly simple to backtrack through all my legalization forms. Plus the kids didn't have to struggle with the Grand Dad label. I am simply their transgender grandparent JJ.

So, if you see the name Jessie getting seen around here in the Condo, those are the reasons why.