What Is LGBT Anyway?

Today it seems definitions of who we are are changing as fast as the world itself.

Take the basic LGBT for example. "L" stands for lesbian. "G" stands for gay. "B"stands for Bi and "T" for transgender. Then, if you don't fit in any of those categories, you may see a "Q" for questioning.

Until recently, the "T" was very silent until more and more transgender women and men began to emerge from their closets.

Then I had a question the other day asking what was a "cis" woman? "Cis" these days is a relatively new term describing a birth female or male. It replaces the old "G.G" or genuine girl.

Of course lets not forget the terms transvestite and "tra__ny". Transvestite sort of just faded away and tr__ny became a gender slur.

"Admirer" may be one of the most confusing terms of all. Essentially, the term applies to a cis-man who is attracted to a cross dresser or transgender woman. What normally causes the confusion is the man's conflict with his own sexuality.

"HRT" is hormone replacement therapy or the reduction of testosterone in the male and the introduction of estrogen. Should not be attempted without a doctors' supervision.

"SRS" means sexual realignment surgery or "bottom surgery." Genitals are surgically changed to those of the non birth gender.