Contact me! at Cyrsti's Condo

I did add a fancy "Suggestion Box"
it's similar to the one at your job.  It doesn't work!
But my Email does!

Any questions are welcome!

I'll do my best to give you the best answer I can! Believe me, I have been asked them all?
I will say what you probably have heard a thousand times..."there is no stupid question".

I can not tell you how many times I have felt I was the stupid one for not asking the question!

Obviously, I do not have any degree's in transgender therapy but I do have a huge amount of street experience and maybe I can't help.

Normally, I can get back with you within a day. PLEASE put the word "Blog" in the subject section of your email so I know where it is coming from.

I always welcome the chance to exchange links of personal, progressive and interesting blogs!

Finally, thanks for your visits to the blog! You all are wonderful!

Here's the "stuff" you need to know: 
You can also "IM" me at the same address. I just ask you identify where you know me from!

If you are in the Dayton/Columbus/Cincinnati area of Ohio and are looking for a transgender outreach speaker, I am interested. No charge of course!