Wednesday, July 15, 2020

It's All Fun...until it Isn't

Well, my visit to the see the vampires came to a screeching halt Tuesday. It was my Veteran's Administration appointment to have my blood labs checked for my Endocrinologist and Hematology doctors.

My 22 year old partner's son who works at a nearby casino came down with a severe sore throat and had to be checked for the Covid 19 virus. So I called and postponed my appointment until we receive news back on the test.

I didn't mention he lives with us in a small house and could easily spread it to the rest of us. Since I am particular highly at risk, the virus could easily be a death sentence for me.

However, I make it a personal promise not to jump off any bridges until they are built. So we will see what happens.

I just wish everyone I see not wearing a mask would wear one and for goodness sake, quit listening to Benedict Donnie and gay Mikey Pence who say this whole thing is a media hoax. It isn't if it invades your own house.

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  1. I hope everyone and everything turns out OK. I totally understand your concern.