When Is a Book Bag A Purse?

I was confused. I was under the impression our country and the world as a whole has some fairly serious problems, say like global warming.

Things must be different in Garnett, Kansas and a kid now is finding out what really is important.  The 13-year-old Kansas eighth-grader says he was suspended from school on Wednesday because he refused to take off his Vera Bradley purse.

That's huge! What's next? Mass social upheaval? The next thing we know the kid will want to wear a dress to school.  Forget about global warming or the lack of health insurance, life as we know it will end! Don't worry though, there was a transphobic busy body lurking in the shadows to make a non call on this and save the world.

Rest easily kids, the revolutionary, anti social  kid has been bagged and suspended.

For a much better perspective on this go here.


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