NOT one of Victoria's Secrets

Carmen Carerra
It's no secret Carmen Carerra is a positively gorgeous woman- who happens to be transgender. Now a  petition is pushing for model Carmen Carrera to be the first transgender Victoria’s Secret Angel and had garnered over 34,000 signatures

A transwoman walking the runway alongside Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima would be a truly revolutionary event for transgender women every where.. But is America ready? Countries outside of America have been more open-minded about transgender models on the runways and covers but America is still lagging behind. Overseas, gender-bending models like Andrej Pejic and Lea T have been pushing boundaries on runways for a while.

Andrej Pejic
It remains to be seen if Victoria's Secret is ready as a brand, to feel comfortable marketing towards ALL types of women. But,  if anyone has a chance to open the doors, certainly Carmen is a fantastic choice!

Unfortunately the way I read it the petition effort may be a little late.
The show films tomorrow but airs on CBS in December. However, if this effort opens the door at all for transgender models in the future it is a great deal.


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