Friday, September 27, 2013

Classic Boot Weather

From Fabulous after 40, one of my favorite "Go to" fashion sites here in Cyrsti's Condo, a look at "Tall Boots" for fall and winter:

After 40, 50 and beyond you want to look classy, you want to look chic, and you also want a look a little bit sexy. After all, you are still a vibrant woman, you’ve still got it! But how do you communicate that in a tasteful, grown-up-gal way? Plunging necklines that dive desperately deep, or thigh high skirts designed for teenagers are not the answer. One of the best ways to look sexy and not silly is to buy yourself a pair of fabulous tall boots. Here’s a look at what’s out there this fall to make you look alluring and Age-Amazing!™.

For more, go here.

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