Monday, June 17, 2013

This Dad "Nailed" Father's Day

I saw this picture yesterday as I was making my usual stop at Stana's Femulate site. Stana couldn't remember when she found it or who it was except the picture was a "Father/Daughter" combo. Well of course "dear old Dad" was absolutely stunning but I wondered just what the daughter was thinking.

Being me of course , I do have a couple ideas of what might have been going through daughter's mind. Behind the smile:

1.- Dammit! Who would have thought at this time in my life, I would have to compete with Dad for attention?
2.-Does anyone really think this was the first time he has dressed this way for a womanless beauty pageant.
3.-Where the hell is Mom and is she the smart one for not being in this picture.
4.-When Dad is not looking, I'm going to see if those shoes fit me.
5.- Just where the hell did he learn to pose like that for a picture?
6.- Wow! I hope I inherited his gene's and not the ones he wears!
7.- Got cha! She is not my Dad at all, she's my boyfriend!
                                         8.- Wait a minute, is that MY new bag?

Here's your link over to Femulate for more.

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