Dealing with Life

Every now and then I am reached out to by a professional medical organization about linking up to Cyrsti's Condo.

Recently, I was contacted by another called Better Help. The site seems to be totally involved in helping people with mental health issues, including stress.

Speaking or writing for yours truly, being transgender has dealt me with an incredible amount of stress over the years. In addition with having a day to day struggle with being bi-polar. I had to struggle trough half of my life before I ever sought out and received help. Times, fortunately, are changing.

Better Help also offers a link to on line counseling too, as well as too many topics to mention here.

My only aim in sharing with you is maybe you can find a topic/answer that will be beneficial to you.

In the meantime, I am going to ask them if they had or have any specific advice for transgender women or trans men.

Finally, you can check their link out above or in our "Want to Hook Up Listings".


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