Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We've got Mail!

First and always Thanks! to of you who visit and read Cyrsti's Condo and take the time to comment.
Here we go:
The first comment comes from Adam about a post from last March. theFrisky site ran a piece featuring unique sexy business cards. They approached the idea from the view of a successful attractive woman who may be approached by someone she may be interested in meeting again. I considered the idea of using creative cards to network my blog and as an intro into who I am as a transgender woman.  Here is the original post.

This is the link Adam passed along as a possible place to create your cards. I have never used them and am not recommending them. But you can judge for yourself. It's a neat idea!

The second comment comes another dog lover Diane:

"We are a dog household so there are always stories. Our dog Roxy came to us just as I was transitioning. So she always knew Dianne. One day she was being very willful and frisky. My normal tone corrections were being completely ignored. I finally slipped on my Command Presence deep register voice and barked her down. She had never heard that voice or gotten that dressing down!!! She stopped what she was doing, dropped her tail and ears and gave me her full attention. My step daughter's dog would ALWAYS go into a small dog, crazed barking frenzy when I would walk into the room. Just angry crazy creature. She was visiting for the first time since my transition and walked in the house, saw me, came over, sniffed and tried to hop in my lap. And this was after work with no makeup or hair or anything. But after 3 months on hormones I think I just smelled very different!"

Thanks Diane! I'm far from an expert but I have stories that are similar to yours.  Dogs and cats somehow are  friendlier to me than other strangers according to the owners.

Our third comment comes from a comment on a post from 2011: called "Transgender Kids and the Future"

"Hi Crysti, Wow your blog is so cool sure wish you were around when I was young, any who I saw your pic while trolling the images in Google and I thought to myself that saying a "Hello" would be cool so here I am. (Hi) So anyways I'll be around here and there reading your blog which is so important that I am even going to Tweet your page/blog....okies? Ok well you stay strong and focused."  Shelley Jo

Shelly Jo...I was certainly around unless you are really old! Just kidding and thanks so much for the comment! I'm still working on my Tweet page and had a suggestion the other day how to make it easier to read. I got hacked last summer there and am a little gun shy.
I'm fortunate my friends and family help keep me strong...staying focused on anything is my problem!

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