Trey BOO!

This Cyrsti's Condo Halloween epic involves a Victorian House, a coffin, a real skeleton and a politician.

I was working as a DJ on a local radio station here in town and one of the news women got an invite to go to a Halloween party at a local Victorian Mansion which was being restored.  She told me about it and asked if I wanted by chance to go too.  After she twisted my arm for about three seconds, I said yes!

For a change, my "costume" for this party was more in the "well dressed woman" category. I can't really remember what I wore but when we got there in the entrance foyer was an antique coffin with a skeleton.  I casually asked if the skeleton was real and was told yes!

The rest of the house looked like a scene from the Addams Family, just a perfect Halloween setting.

The party featured more than it's share of socializing and of course I was receiving my usual amount of "is that a..." attention.

Later on the fun started for me when an up and coming politician and his wife asked me if I would leave with them and go to another party. I was shy and backwards for a change and for some reason said No.  Later on he actually served quite a few terms in Washington.

It seems I destroyed my chances to move up in the political world that night.  Maybe Monica Lewinsky wouldn't have had so much on me after all!

I ran the "Monica" impersonator on the left picture not long ago but you just have to respect the attention to detail with the dirty knees!


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