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Transgender, transsexual news and more from Cyrsti's Condo:


Quynh Tram is one of few people who have ID cards re-granted after sex reassignment surgery.
This is actually a series of posts from trans news in Vietnam. Go here for more.

From Italy: "Paola Conte (shown at right) is a married transsexual and is a foster mother to a young daughter. She also has a distinguished career. She is speaking up against the stereotypes of transsexual women only as prostitutes and more here.

From the UK (of course!)
"A transgender woman has been expelled from her social club after an incident in the ladies loo. Hinoi Tonkin, who used to be 21-stone Keith but has slimmed down to nine stone, was already under suspension at the club. But she was formally thrown out after a meeting of the committee last week at Beechwood, Easterside and District Social Club in Middlesbrough." Go here for more.

I'm tired of all the traveling! Plus I'm sure there will be more to pass along soon.


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