Tuesday, September 17, 2013

We Got Mail!

Of course I know at least one real live genetic woman who is a regular visitor to Cyrsti's Condo and of course she commented on my "bra" post. Another Mystery Solved

"The real trick is to take it off without removing your arms from the long sleeves that they are in, and without unhooking the back! ;) Liz "  Gee thanks Liz, did I say something about not being Houdini?

The second comment came from Pat on the "Trans Canyon" post:

"Every day affords us an opportunity to do some sort of outreach. The more 'safe' encounters that any civilian has with a "T" person the better for all of us. There seems to always be a natural fear of things that are strange or unfamiliar to someone. In my view as more and more of the general population got to know people who were gay or lesbian, or black or latino, or hippie or preppie the more comfortable they become. The same is true with the multitude of various types of "T" people. Pat"

Familiarity certainly does not breed contempt for the great majority of us as you said Pat. - " There seems to always be a natural fear of things that are strange or unfamiliar to someone." I have always thought there also has been tendency to be curious about transgender peeps. As more and more positive information slips into the mainstream media the public seems to think "Hey! You are one of those!" Not unlike the first Asian, or black kid I encountered in my very white and rural grade school. We couldn't spell diversity let alone see it.

The problem we face are those who have our story "filtered" by media outlets such as Fox News. The opportunity though is "converting" those folks. Hey I've had my shots, won't bite and I'm not looking to bring down society into the gutter. Plus if you want to discuss it, I can explain why I and that trans kid in California aren't perves for simply wanting to pee in the correct restroom.

I also am a strong believer a good portion of the public respects a public transgender person for living our life on our own standards.  Ironically, the greatest negative feedback I get is from within our community.  It seems many just can't wait for someone like me to fail. But that's the world as I know it.

As always thanks Pat and I guess...you too Liz. Instead of the bra/t shirt trick, I went directly to the straight jacket...something I know!

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