Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Trans Diving

As I do a little re arranging here in Cyrsti's Condo, I ran across a couple of unfinished items.  One of them was the reoccuring question of how I knew it was time for me to move the gender fluid level to female. In my case all of the sudden my whole transgender future was clear as a bright sunny Ohio day. Yes, the skies took a while to clear but when they did it was a "no-brainer" which is exactly why I caught on! But,  knowing what to do and then doing it turned out to be the challenge.

If you have read any of my chatter here, you know I had a unique opportunity to follow my soul for all the wrong reasons and I took the opportunity.  It's indeed like jumping off a cliff.   I just hoped the landing wouldn't be as hard as I imagined and knew it would not be as soft as I hoped for. Just remember the immortal words: it's not the fall that hurts-it's the landing!

Think of the fall like this: The scenery on the way down will not be exactly what you thought it would be and you will have a few unexpected bumps and bruises on the way down. Just make sure when you the hit the bottom, you do it running. Prep yourself for huge climate changes at the bottom and you will be fine- after you acclimate!

Very few decisions in life are as big as when you start messing with gender. Bottom line is, when I got to the gender cliff  I knew I had to jump.   I just had no idea of how I was going to land.

Good luck on your journey and remember to take your jumping shoes with you!

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