Monday, August 19, 2013

I've Had my Shots!

I'm not shy about telling a curious or standoffish person "I've had my shots and won't bite unless provoked". Normally, it's quite the ice breaker and the other person finds it humorous or heads for the other side of the room.

As of a couple days ago though, I did have all my shots, fluid levels checked and tires kicked at my local veterans administration clinic. For some reason recently Momma Karma has been kind with me on my doctor visits. A day after I called whining about my back pain, the nurse asked if I could come in about an hour because my new doctor had an unexpected cancellation. My social calendar was empty and there I was at the clinic looking androgynous as I do complete with my long pony tail flowing from the back of my hat.

As I have written before here in Cyrsti's Condo, this first visit to my VA Doc was not without potential problems.  My previous Doc rubber stamped my HRT scripts from my endocrinologist so I could get them filled inexpensively with my VA copay.  There was no guarantee my new guy would.

To make a long story a bit shorter, he prodded my back and gave me some ideas on over the counter meds to alleviate the pain.  I wasn't sure if I or he would bring up the very prevalent estrogen meds in my prescription list. So as he was going down the line and mentioned the "Spiro" I was taking, I jumped in and said "maybe I'm your only transgender patient and this is how the deal was working with my former Doc". It turns out he has absolutely no problem with continuing the program and even wrote down for me a few specifics to make it easier.

I left the clinic that day thinking he may just be the best doctor I have ever had and not just because he would refill my HRT meds. Very unusual for a doctor to have such wonderful communication skills.

On the way home as I stopped to pick up generic pain meds, I can't say the back felt much better then. I thought it would sooner though with the weight off my shoulders worrying about my HRT scripts being filled - and you know it has!

So yes, I have been folded, prodded and stuck but for the time being looking to stay around for awhile.

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