Thursday, July 11, 2013

Beauty and the Brow

Surely one of the major road blocks we face in our feminine presentations are the eye brows. These days the gay and the metro sexual guys are paving the way for a better looking brow and less attention to it. For most of us though, just walking in to your barber shop and asking to have your brows waxed and shaped just isn't possible.

As I went through my "formative" cross dressing days, I decided to "gradually" pluck and trim my brows. A great plan until on occasion I got carried away and went a little farther with the process than I should. Luckily my glasses covered my increasingly feminine brows until they grew back. But they didn't. On the positive side my brows were a tremendous plus to my looks and eyes.  On the negative side I received a couple "suggestions" a mustache or beard would make me appear "more manly".

Of course I embraced the positive but have always viewed with great interest the extent drag queens work to cover their brows.  Good for the stage, not so much for a trip to the grocery store.

I know much depends on who you live with and how they feel about your transition (even into cross dressing).  But you too can try a "gradual" eyebrow shaping regimen.  Back in the day when I started my hair and brows were almost black and I began by "thinning" some of the hairs in the middle...then I began to shape the brow later.

Two words of warning. You need to be careful to match each side and never assume your eyebrows will grow back quickly!

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