Saturday, May 25, 2013

Three Reasons Not to Go Trans Stealth

Recently I read a post by Autumn Sandeen called "Paying it forward for future generations of trans people".
You regular visitors here in Cyrsti's Condo know how I feel about transgender women or men transitioning into another closet-which is called stealth. And of course Autumn is completely correct in her assessment of  "paying forward" into the trans community.

I have three powerful reasons not to run away and hide as a transgender woman- my grand kids.This afternoon I had yet another powerful opportunity to pay forward to my grand kids. Who I'm out to. It was my first chance to talk to them about how great the Boy Scout inclusion move was. But, as I was told it was only a beginning and they couldn't wait to show me some sort of new "badges" to wear on their uniforms.

I know what you are thinking, Cyrsti got side tracked again and forgot Autumn! Relax!  Here is her beginning thoughts:

"Why should I personally go forward as a trans activist pushing for change? Why do anything for trans and LGBT community members when I have received a significant amount of pushback through the years from the religious right, LGBT community members, radical lesbian feminist separatists and even transsexual separatists? I’ve written in the past about why there is trans activism and what are the major goals of trans activism, but have never really spelled out what motivates me personally."

As always she presents a very through and cohesive look at her thoughts.(Unlike some of us!) To read it go here.

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